GOSOSY Life Skills Lesson Instructional Video for Practitioners


Continuum of Services Tool

The Technical Support Team produced the Continuum of Services Tool as a multi-document resource to provide a visual graphic of the OSY path through the MEP Cycle. Inside you will find:
a.     Narrative – explains the purpose of the tool and how different pieces are used.
b.     OSY Cycle in the MEP – a one-page visual graphic tool outlining the cycle, includes live links to resources.
c.     OSY Educational Outcomes Tables – assists in placing a student in the appropriate instructional quadrant, includes live links to resources.
d.     OSY Educational Resource Rubric – lists every SOSOSY resource and material available via the OSYMigrant.org website and other outside sources that have been vetted, includes live links to resources.

GOSOSY New State Webinar

Professional Development Module One- module

GOSOSY has created a professional development resource for service providers. This interactive resource will introduce helpful instructional strategies to staff new to working with out-of-school youth (OSY) and assist seasoned staff to hone their skills and review best practices.

Module 1 presents the OSY Instructional Action Plan focusing on four steps:
1.     Create an Effective Learning Environment
2.     Building Rapport
3.     Transition to Instruction
4.     Young Adult Learning Strategies