OSY Success Stories

Massachusetts Video Project- In the fall of 2014, 12 students from Mount Holyoke College worked with 10 young migratory out-of-school youth living and working in Springfield, Massachusetts. The migratory students—originally from Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico—produced digital stories in the form of short videos highlighting their experiences in the United States.

The students tell their own stories in their own voices and encourage others to pursue education in order to reach their goals. Jose Perez implores, “Stay in school, prepare yourself, and be excited for your future.” Omeli Mauricio explains how he felt like giving up, but decided to study English and work harder in his classes, resulting in academic honors. Elendida Morales tells her story, full of difficulties and rejections, but ends with her successes and reminds those watching that “it was worth it to come.”

The production process, which included multiple workshops and activities, was coordinated by the Latino Youth Media Institute of Springfield and the Massachusetts Migrant Education Program. The program was developed and funded through Mount Holyoke College and the Five College Consortium Latin American Studies program.