Goal Setting

GOSOSY Goal Setting Implementation Guide

Goal Setting Rubric

Since most OSY are working to support themselves and often family members, they struggle to find time to pursue academic and financial goals, and rarely have the luxury to talk about bigger dreams. The Graduation and Outcomes for Success for Out-of-School Youth (GOSOSY) consortium has developed a simple and effective way to help service providers guide OSY in thinking about long-term goals and how to achieve them. The Goal Setting materials provide thought-provoking, hands-on exercises to illuminate what is important to OSY, how achievable their goals might be, and how best to begin the short-term steps that will lead them there.

GOSOSY Student Learning Plan

GOSOSY has developed a Personal Learning Plan designed to assist you in guiding out-of-school youth (OSY) in working toward personal, attainable goals. This tool may be used as a stand-alone activity or be integrated with GOSOSY Goal Setting activities or other activities being implemented in your state. The materials are easy to use and require minimal instruction for students and service providers. Two versions of the plan have been developed. One is meant for the OSY to complete. The other is for the service provider to fill out based on the completed student version.



Goal Setting/ Learning Plan Reporting Form