A Healthy House/Un Hogar Sano

These bilingual instructional packets are intended to increase the awareness and knowledge of those maintaining a household regarding cleanliness and safety. They include teaching plans, an introductory lesson, guided practice, useful vocabulary, dialogues, and pre- and post-assessments. The non-sequential format lends itself to the limited time andintermittent attendance of many students.


Pre/Post Assessment Answer Keys
Keeping Your Home Clean Manteniendo Tu Hogar Limpio
You Can Prevent Food Poisoning ¡Puedes evitar la intoxicación causada por alimentos!
Keeping Your Home Safe:
Electrical Safety
Manteniendo Tu Hogar Seguro:
Seguridad en el Empleo de la Electricidad
Insect and Rodent Control:
Keeping Them Out
Control de Insectos y Roedores:
Cómo Mantenerlos Fuera
The Refrigerator and Your Health El Refrigerador y Tu Salud
Storing Your Medicines Safely Guardando Tus Medicinas de Manera Segura



For Your Health/Para Tu Salud

For Your Health/Para Tu Salud lessons are designed to increase the health knowledge of migrant farmworkers through information about prevalent health concerns. Teacher Guide

Pre/Post Assessment Answer Keys
A Visit to the Doctor Una visita al doctor
Wash Your Hands and Get Rid of Germs Lave sus manos y elimine los gérmenes
A Healthy Mouth Una Boca Saludable
Nicotine and Your Health La Nicotina y Tu Salud
Let us Learn about HIV/AIDS Aprendamos sobre el VIH/SIDA
What is an STD? ¿Qué es una ETS?
Can I Get Sick from the Heat? ¿Me puedo enfermar por el calor?
The Basics of Birth Control Methods Lo Básico de los Métodos Anticonceptivos
Protect Your Back While Working Protege tu Espalda Mientras Trabajas
What You Need to Know About Pesticides Lo que necesitas saber de los pesticidas
What Do I Do if I Get an Insect Bite? ¿Qué Hago Si Me Pica un Insecto?